10 reasons why we love Lagos

1.Small town vibe

We spent 6 nights in Lagos and during that time we felt like we really got to know the town and a few of the small business owners that live there.  We thought it was awesome to see how all the locals know each other and how you see the same familiar faces every day.  Every morning we knew who would be serving our coffee, who we would be buying our paninis and groceries from, and which street performer we would see depending on where we were having dinner.  For some people that might sound repetitive and boring but we absolutely loved it and it made us feel less like tourists and more like a part of the community. 

2.Beautiful beaches within walking distance

The great thing about Lagos is that if you really want to take it easy and not have to move too much during your stay, you have more than a handful of beautiful beaches to pick from within a 30 minute walk.  Some of our favorites include:

  • Praia Dona Ana
  • Praia do Camilo
  • Ponta de Piedade
  • Praia da Balanca
3.Almost no vehicles

Lagos is a walking town.  It is almost entirely small streets where cars are not allowed.  We found that really enjoyable and relaxing.  It is perfect for people like us who love walking around, getting lost (not always on purpose), and discovering all the hidden gems of a destination.

4.Markets and shops

If you enjoy shopping, Lagos also has something for you.  Although it is not high-fashion, there are plenty of small boutiques and shops where you can buy clothes, accessories, and souvenirs.


Lagos is full of restaurants and bars!  While there are plenty of great Portuguese restaurants, there is also a wide variety of restaurants from different cultures. While in Lagos, we had Portuguese grilled meats, seafood, Italian food and indian food!


Lagos definitely has a good amount of bars and lounges where you can have a great time in the evening.  What we loved even more was how well contained the nightlife was.  It never felt overly rowdy or loud as you were walking through town.  Most of the bars are located on one long strip where bar-hopping evenings are quite popular; but the great thing was, when you didn’t feel like participating, it was very easy to avoid that area and still enjoy an evening out. 

7.Crowds and prices

Yes, Lagos is definitely a tourist hotspot in Portugal but we were pleasantly surprised that for such a small town, it didn’t feel overcrowded.  And while it isn’t the cheapest town in Portugal, we felt that prices were reasonable for most things.   

8.Portuguese hospitality

This could be said about all of Portugal.  The Portuguese are really nice and welcoming people and it made our time in this country even more incredible.

9.Great base to explore the Algarve

Being based here to explore the Algarve was perfect for us.  We never felt like we were too far from any of the places we wanted to visit.  If you would like to read more about that, we have a guide to the Algarve here.


Lagos has a beautiful boardwalk, as well as beautiful beaches where you can sit with a drink or a picnic and enjoy the sunset.  Out of the 6 nights we were there, the sunset did not disappoint once.

We hope this inspires you to add Lagos to your bucketlist!

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Ben and Bianca

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