Guide to spending 1 day in Alicante, Spain

Alicante was our first stop in Spain.  After a total of 15 hours on buses, and a short stopover in Seville, we made it from Lagos to Alicante.  We did not know much about the city of Alicante other than it seemed like a nice place to stop on our way to Barcelona.  It turned out to be a pleasant surprise.  It is a pretty big city on the beautiful Spanish Costa Blanca so there is something there for everyone to enjoy.  In addition to the beach, there seemed to be enough stores, restaurants and bars to keep you busy for a few days.  Here is how we recommend spending your time if you only have 1 full day like we did.

Castillo de Santa Barbara

This is a very large Castle and old military fortress overlooking the city and the ocean.  If you are staying close to the city center, the castle shouldn’t be more than a 30-minute walk away.  If you visit in the middle of the summer like we did, we recommend starting your day early to visit this castle as the heat really picks up by 10 a.m.  From the base of the castle, it is a short 20 to 30-minute walk up to the top.  It’s a short hike but it is quite steep.  Once at the top, you are met with amazing views.  We initially thought it would only take us about an hour to explore but we ended up spending closer to 3 hours up there.  There is a public bathroom and a little shop selling coffees, cold drinks and ice cream at the top.  We got coffee and ice cream and sat down to enjoy the views while cooling down in the shade.  Oh, and by the way, the castle is completely free!

Alicante beach

After enjoying the Castle, get lunch and head over to the beach to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.  The beach was quite busy but it is very long so there is plenty of space to set up and take some sun. We rented two beach chairs and an umbrella for 18 euros. We do recommend getting there before noon however since they fill up quickly.

El Barrio/ Old town

The old town is a cute area to visit if you have extra time or don’t want to spend all afternoon at the beach.  It is nice to simply walk around a bit before dinner and appreciate the old architecture.

Explanada de Espana/ Boardwalk

Along the beach, there is a beautiful, long boardwalk.  It is lined with palm trees and is entirely made of colored marble.  There are restaurants and little markets all along it.  It could be a good place to settle down and have dinner but it is definitely more expensive than the rest of the city. 


Alicante has a large marina where we enjoyed an ice cream at sunset, and stared at the massive yachts, imagining which one we would have in another life. 

Overall, we think Alicante is a great place to stop for a day or two! We hope you enjoyed reading this post and, please give us a like if you did 🙂

Lots of Love,

Ben and Bianca

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