Amoudi Bay, a must in Santorini

Amoudi Bay is a must when in Santorini!

We are both absolutely obsessed with the ocean and always will be.  That is why this discovery ended up being our favorite part of our time on Santorini island.  Of course, there is nothing in terms of beauty that rivals watching the sun go down from the lookout in Oia, but in terms of pure fun, spending an afternoon at Amoudi Bay was the winner for us. 

Amoudi bay is reachable by foot from the town of Oia.  You will have to go down around 300 steps to get to the water but it is well worth it.  Once you get down, there will be a few restaurants on the waterfront where you can sit and enjoy a meal or a drink.  The highlight for us was a few hundred meters away.  You have to walk past the restaurants and continue along the water until you reach the most pristine swimming spot ever.  It is a swimming hole surrounded by rocks where you can lie down and suntan.  The most interesting part for adventurers like us was the larger cliff you could jump off!  We spend hours jumping, swimming and taking pictures of the incredible surroundings.  Bring some drinks, some snacks and enjoy! 

This is one of those adventures where having a waterproof backpack will be a lifesaver since the only way to reach the isolated cliff jumping area is by swimming to it.  Having to leave all our belonging behind would have made us uneasy and we would not have had such an amazing day.  We linked where to purchase a drybag in our previous blog about the top items to bring while backpacking.

It is definitely the best way to spend a hot summer day before heading into town for the evening!  Definitely a must when exploring the beautiful island of Santorini.

Lots of Love,

Ben and Bianca

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