Paros Travel Guide

Welcome to our Paros travel guide! 

Paros was one of our favorite destinations from our Europe trip.  Pristine beaches, delicious food, pretty towns, and fun nightlife, it has everything you need for the ultimate Greek island getaway!  We were lucky enough to explore the island with a local who knows it inside and out so we were able to see so much in only a few days (massive thank you Effie 😀 ) and we will be sharing it all with you.

First things first, no Greek island holiday is complete without some beach hopping.  So the most important part of the Paros travel guide for us is all the incredible beaches you must visit. 

Punda Beach

If you want to feel like you are at a luxurious hotel party, head over to Punda Beach.  From the aesthetic wooden tanning beds and chairs, to the big pool, the party music and the multiple bars, it is impossible to not have a good time. 

Logaras Beach

This is the beach next to where we were staying in Piso Livadi.  It is a nice sandy beach lined with multiple restaurants and bars so it is another option if you want a lively atmosphere.  More specifically, we recommend setting up near the Logaras cactus beach bar to be close to the music and drinks. 

Kalogeras Beach

One of the most unique beaches we have visited is Kalogeras.  On this beach, there are clay rocks.  When wet, you can scrub clay off and give yourself a spa treatment while enjoying some sun. 

Kolymbithres Beach

This popular beach is known for its incredibly clear water and rock formations.  We spent our time here flipping off the rocks and sunbathing.  And it really was some of the clearest water we have ever seen. 

Martselo Beach

This is the beach we unfortunately had the least time at, but it was one of my favorites.  The water was such an incredible blue, the beach is lined with chairs to rent, and it has a resto-bar right on the beach. 

Part 2 of our Paros travel guide is all about the most popular towns on the island. 

Piso Livadi

We chose to stay in the smaller town of Piso Livadi, which we really enjoyed.  It was a cheaper option that staying in the port town of Parikia or in the popular town of Naoussa.  It is still filled with restaurants and shops, and as mentioned earlier, it is very close to Logaras Beach. 
Restaurant recommendations:
-Ouzeri Halaris


Parikia is the port town on Paros, and it is exactly the pretty blue and white town you expect to see when you step off the ferry onto a Cycladic island.  It has narrow cobblestone streets, old churches, all kinds of shops, and plenty of restaurants.   In parikia there is also a castle overlooking the water on the main street where you can get a very nice sunset view. 
Restaurant recommendations:
-Ouzeri boudaraki (authentic tavern experience)


Naoussa is the part of the town where you will find the majority of accomodations.  In the evening it is busy, lively, and full of action.  It has a very similar look to Parikia and is also full of shops and restaurants to explore.  It also has a fishing harbor packed tightly with local fishing boats where you can see freshly caught octopus hanging off the boats.  Unfortunately, our time in this town was short, but we will definitely be back and exploring much more of it.   

Last but not least in this guide is the best viewpoint and sunset spot on the entire island.  The monastery Agioi Anargyroi sits on a hill overlooking the island.  You can enter for free and walk around the beautifully set monastery and enjoy the views below.  It is an incredible spot to watch the sun dip into the sea.  It is important to note that since it is a religious ground, if you do decide to go visit, make sure you are dressed accordingly (women need to have their shoulders and knees covered) and please be respectful.

No Paros travel guide is complete without mentioning the tiny but beautiful island of Antiparos.  It is less than a mile away from Paros and is absolutely worth a day-trip.  It is very easy and cheap to access it via ferry.  We made our way over there in the afternoon and spent the first few hours at Fanari Beach.  It is a quiet sandy beach with incredibly clear water.  There are also a few trees on the beach offering some shade. 

After Fanari, we made our way to Sifneiko Beach which is also known as “sunset beach”.  We sat at one of the bars on the beach and enjoyed one of the most incredible sunsets we’ve ever seen.  It is an absolute must when exploring Antiparos.  This tiny island also has a pretty big nightlife.  In the center of the town, there are plenty of bars where you can enjoy very affordable drinks on beautiful outdoor terraces. 

We hope our Paros travel guide will be useful when planning your next adventure to Greece!

Lots of Love,

Ben and Bianca

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