Milos Travel Guide

Welcome to our Milos travel guide!

Milos is a completely underrated destination in Greece.  With the more famous Santorini, Ios and Mykonos being so popular, Milos falls under the radar, which is an absolute shame.  This island has so much to offer!  It is important to note that it is less developed than the more popular islands, meaning that public transportation around the island is less readily accessible.  There are definitely buses that can get you to the different hotspots, but they don’t come very often and don’t make it to some more remote beaches.  We used public transit for one day and hired a car for the second day.  If it is within your budget, we definitely recommend renting a car or scooter for at least one day to be able to visit some of the more remote areas.   
In this Milos travel guide, we will cover all the best parts from our time there.

Milos Beaches


Sarakiniko is the most well-known beach on Milos.  It is the most unique beach I have ever seen.  It has become known as the “moon beach” because of the white rocky formations all around the water.  It truly looks like you are walking on the moon (except for the fact that you are surrounded by the sea).  Sarakiniko is also very well known for being a prime cliff jumping spot.  There are many different heights from which you can jump and they all have flat surfaces which makes it even better.  We unfortunately got very unlucky during our time on Milos and were unable to jump due to very high winds which made the sea too agitated.  Jumping would have been no problem but getting out of the water with aggressive waves might not have gone so well since you basically have to climb back onto the rocks.  Oh well, it only means that we will have to go back to Milos some day!


Papafragas is technically more of a cave than a beach.  At the bottom of the cave though, there is a sandy patch where people swim and suntan but it is quite small.  You also have to make sure you go at low tide if you want to walk to the bottom.  Once again, due to the weather, the tide was very high and the waves were too aggressive for us to swim there.  We were still happy we went because the views are pretty spectacular.

Agia Kiriaki

This beach is situated on the opposite side of the island from the other two mentioned previously, so it was not affected by the high winds as much.  It is a nice beach with calm, pristine water where you can enjoy an afternoon of swimming and sunbathing. 


Tsigrado is another pretty unique beach because of the way it is accessed.  It is located in a cove surrounded by high cliffs, so the only way to get down onto the beach is to scale a rocky path followed by a slightly sketchy ladder.  The path is only wide enough to allow one person to go through at a time, so it can take quite a while to make your way down or back up depending on how busy it is.  The view of the beach from the top of the cliffs alone is enough for us to recommend making your way there.  If you want to go down to the water, make sure you go earlier in the day because past 4 pm there is not much sun left on the beach since the cliffs around it create shade.  We wish we had pictures from our climb down but we were slightly too focused on making sure we made it down unscathed. 


This beach is not the typical calm sea that you usually get in Greece. At least when we were there, there were waves big enough that we could have surfed! It was fun to get to play in some big waves after many weeks of swimming in calm waters. It is a pretty beach with a coffee shop and bar on the beach for some refreshments.

Milos towns

The main town in Milos is Adamas.  It is the port town.  A lot of accomodations are located around this area, as well as car/scooter rental shops and tourist agencies for booking daytrips.  There are also many fastfood options, bakeries, coffee shops and gelato stands.  For nicer meals, we were told by a local to avoid this area.  Instead, we were told to go eat in Plaka.  Plaka is definitely the nicer town of the two.  It is also a great spot to see the sunset.  If you ask around, you will be shown a path that goes up to a viewpoint where you can see the sun set over the sea and the entire town. 

The restaurant we recommend the most on the island is ” O! Hamos!”. It is close to Adamas and the port and it is by the water . The food is fantastic and the atmosphere is great! Be prepared to get there early or maybe have to wait in line a bit since it is very popular. We ended up waiting in line about 20 minutes but it was completely worth it.

Milos Boat trip

The absolute highlight of this island, and potentially our entire Greece trip, has to be the Kleftiko boat trip. We did a 3 hour tour of the Kleftiko caves and trust me it is the definition of perfect water! The water has the most beautiful turquoise color, and it is about 15-20 feet deep and you can see all the way to the bottom.  We had the most fun afternoon and could not recommend it more!

We hope you enjoyed our Milos travel guide and that it will inspire you to add this incredible destination to your bucketlist!

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Lots of Love,

Ben and Bianca

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