Our Roadtrip through the Peloponnese

Our Peloponnese roadtrip brought us some of the most beautiful natural landscapes we have seen so far. 

Even before leaving home, we LOVED roadtrips of all lengths and would jump on any opportunity to do one!  So when we were presented with the chance to roadtrip through one of Greece’s most beautiful mainland regions, we could not say no.

Our trip started in the famous city of Athens.  After a very bumpy ferry ride back to the mainland, we rented a car and took off the very next morning. 

Day 1:

On that first morning we drove just over an hour to our first destination: the Corinth Canal.  Not only did we want to see it, but a brave soul amongst us decided last minute to take advantage of a bungee jumping opportunity right over the canal!  Although neither of us was tempted enough to give it a go, it really seemed like it would be an awesome place to try it out for the first time!  The views over the canal are incredible and there are constantly yachts and even small cruise ships sailing through, which only adds to the excitement.  If you are going to be in the area and this sounds tempting, then this is the place where you can try it out for yourself.

After the adreline rush of the bungee jump, we had a quick little Greek lunch on the road and headed to the final destination for the day: Nafplio.  Nafplio is a lovely seaside town filled with medieval charm.  It was Greece’s first capital between 1823 and 1834 and has so much history behind it.  We got there just before dinner time and decided to go out and visit the Syntagma square which is the heart of Nafplio.  We walked around admiring the architecture and then had a great dinner before heading back and calling it a day.

Day 2:

On the second day of our Peloponnese adventure, we woke up early and went to explore the Palamidi Castle.  This castle stands 216m above sea level and to reach the top, you have to climb 999 steps.  With the crazy Greek mainland heat, we decided we would do the climb up as soon as the castle opened at 8:00.  The climb sounds a lot worse than it is.  The views are so impressive along the way that you barely notice all the steps.  The castle is huge and very well-maintained considering it dates back to 1714!

After our morning walking around the castle, we decided the rest of the day would be spent beach hopping around Nafplio. 

We visited the following beaches and loved them all!

1.Karathona Beach

2.Kondyli Beach

3.Tolo Beach

4.Arvanitia Beach

We recommend finishing your day an hour before sunset at Arvanitia Beach so that at sunset, you can do the “round of arvanitia” walk.  You can walk from the beach all the way back to the port in the city.  You walk around a large landscape of stone with nothing but the sea surrounding it.  Around sunset, as the colors are changing, it truly is breathtaking. 

Day 3&4:

After checking out of our accommodation in Nafplio (which we very strongly recommend and will link at the end of the post), we got in the car and got ready for a 4 hour drive to our next destination.  We were headed for the tiny island of Elafonisos.  This island is known for having possibly the most beautiful beach with the clearest water in all of Greece. 

On elafonisos, we stayed at the Simos camping location.  It is a big campsite where you can bring your own equipment or rent everything you need (tent, mattress, pillows).  The campsite offers toilets, showers, a little market with some food, drinks and other necessities, a small restaurant and a bar.  The best part of this campsite for us is that it is a 30 second walk from the most beautiful white-sand, turquoise-water beach we have ever been to.  We have to this day never seen water that clear and pristine.

  The down-side of this campsite is that unless you are here to party, it will be quite hard to get any sleep before 2 am as the music is blasting from the bar.  And even after 2 am, sleep is not guaranteed because you are so close to the other campers that you can hear their conversations all night long.  So our conclusion is to bring earplugs and enjoy everything this awesome campsite has to offer!

We spent the evening of our third day as well as our fourth day playing around on the beach, having some drinks and watching incredible sunsets! 

Day 5:

On day 5 we drove almost 6 hours back to Athens and spent the evening relaxing after a long drive. 

We absolutely recommend visiting this region of Greece if you can!  Add a few days to your itinerary or replace one of the islands with the Peloponnese and you will not be disappointed!  It is also worth mentioning that while the destinations we visited were amazing, the views along the drive were just as spectacular if not more!  You are driving through green mountains for miles and it really is an unforgettable sight. 

We hope you enjoyed this post and we will see you next time!

Lots of Love,

Ben and Bianca

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