Top 5 reasons why you should visit Naples

Hey guys! We have made a list of the top 5 reasons why you should visit Naples, and we hope they inspire you to add this city to your Italy itinerary.

Naples was our first stop during our Italian adventure.  We had heard very mixed reviews before getting there and our conclusion is that you have to experience it for yourself and make your own opinion.  It definitely is less steered towards tourism than other big Italian cities and it gives you a much better experience of an authentic Italian city.  We really enjoyed seeing the small streets with clothes hanging off the balconies, everyone knowing each other and lovingly yelling through their windows, and the small family businesses. It just really gives you the sense that you’re in old-school Italy.   Here are our top 5 reasons you should also visit Naples.

1.Incredible, authentic italian food

Without a doubt, Naples is where we ate THE BEST PIZZA.  It was to the point where we wished we had an extra day in Naples just so we could eat more pizza.  Naples is where the famous napolitean pizza was born and there is nothing like it.  Even though we recommend you eat pizza for every meal of the day, you also have to try all the street food in Naples!  The arancini, the fried seafood, the polpette, the paninis, and so many more options.  And lets not forget the desserts; the gelato and the the cannolis were incredible!  Safe to say, after our day and a half in Naples, we were probably 5 pounds heavier and were very happy about it. 

2.Very affordable

Naples is the most affordable Italian city we visited.  Our accommodation was a private double room with a private bathroom in a bed and breakfast in the heart of Naples and it cost us less than 50 canadian dollars per night.  The food, the coffees, and the drinks were all also much more affordable than in other popular Italian cities.  It is definitely a place where you can treat yourself more without breaking the bank.

3.Spaccanapoli street

Spaccanapoli is a very long street and it literally means “Naples splitter” since it divides the city in two halves.  It has UNESCO world heritage status and it definitely deserves it!  It is the busiest street and it is where all the best restaurants and the best nightlife is located.  From this street, you can also visit religious sites and the Napoli Sotterranea.  Napoli Sotterranea is an area of underground tunnels believed to cover as much as 2 000 000 m2 and to be between 20 and 40 meters deep.  Its history is believed to be dated as far back as 5000 years ago.  We unfortunately did not visit the underground Naples because we were short on time and there was a lineup but we will definitely visit it on our next trip to Naples.


Naples is known as the “city of seven castles”.  Within its boundaries, it boasts the following castles: Castel dell’OvoCastel Nuovo (Maschio Angioino), Castel Sant’ElmoCastel CapuanoCastello del CarmineCastello di Nisida and Forte di Vigliena. These castles were located in such a way as to provide powerful defense to the Gulf of Naples from naval attacks.  We love visiting castles, and even more when they are accessible for free.  We visited castel dell’Ovo and Castel Nuovo and they were both free of charge. 

5.Daytrip to Pompeii

Once again, we did not have enough time to take a day trip to Pompeii but we absolutely wish we did!  If we could go back, we would add another day in Naples to be able to make our way to visit the ancient city of Pompeii.  It is only about an hour away from Naples by public transit and it is definitely a must-see from what we have heard!

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